Adho Mukha Svanasana Video

Downward Dog variations from Art of Sequencing – Volume 3 – Asana Modifications Book.


Greatly enjoyed watching this video…very helpful, both as a student of yoga and a teacher. Thought you might like to try a modification I use with new students occasionally: a block (lowest side) under each hand. It seems to help many student more easily experience the lifted hips and long back of DD.

Also, could you give me the brand of your capri leggings. I’ve been looking for just that style.


By Janis on

Hello Janis ~ I also love that variation with blocks and actually use that often. As per the capri leggings….they are over a year old and probably not available for purchase. I do see Prana has a lot of capris out right now as does Athleta, tis the season. Thanks for watching and I hope you return for next weeks Anantasana.

By melinameza on

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