SEASONAL VINYASA describes Melina Meza’s artistic style of sequencing asana and seasonal daily rituals. She incorporates these teachings into every forum in which she works with students, whether it be yoga classes, private sessions, or group retreats. The main inspiration for Seasonal Vinyasa comes from the Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda traditions, two complementary sciences that promote health in body, mind, and spirit.

Seasonal Vinyasa teaches you to live and practice in harmony with nature.

Each season provides the opportunity for you to learn about asanas and their influence on your dosha (foundation of your constitution) and body organs. Melina’s classes focus on adapting dietary approaches, cleansing techniques, and lifestyle routines to that you be in sync with the changes occurring in the natural world.

While inspiring the self-knowledge to adjust your day-to-day choices and align with what is occurring outside in nature, Seasonal Vinyasa emphasizes the teachings of the yogis—that there is no separation between humans and nature, and we are all one. Seasonal Vinyasa classes, workshops, or retreats will teach you to appreciate the unique gifts unfolding in nature from month to month.

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