We are excited to announce that Melina’s third book, Asana Modifications will be available this fall! More information coming soon on how to pre-order your copy.


Art of Sequencing – Volume Two

Art of Sequencing – Volume Two Seasonal Vinyasa is the second in a series of instructional books to support you in enriching your experience of life by staying healthy in body, mind, and spirit. Volume two introduces you to Ayurvedic daily routines, seasonal rituals, nutrition and mindfulness, and a broad range of practical Western lifestyle tips to help the modern yogi. These are complemented by extensive yoga asana sections including twenty-five unique sequences, applicable for all levels. This thoughtful and insightful book celebrates the art and science of yoga as a way to rediscover the body’s innate wisdom and the vitality that comes from living in balance from season to season.

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Art of Sequencing – Volume One

Art of Sequencing is a resource for class ideas, movement patterns, and suggestions for how to link specific asanas to specific goals. I am hopeful that within the book’s 34 different sequences—reflecting an array of levels, aims, and intentions—as well as the presentation of general sequencing principles, you will find practical tools and insights.

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Yoga for the Seasons – Fall Vinyasa

“Grounding & Stabilizing Sequences for Vata Dosha Imbalances”

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Combining Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda, this DVD prepares your body and mind for Fall (Vata Season) or whenever you need a little grounding!


  • Energy-stabilizing asana sequence
  • Reflections on the bandas
  • Agni-stoking practice
  • Foundational vinyasa tutorial

Learn to appreciate nature’s unique gifts as they unfold from season to season.

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On-line Yoga Video with Melina Meza

Yoga for Our Nature – Yoga Anytime (filmed 2014/2015)

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Oldies but Goodies: YouTube videos:

Yoga at the Wall

Seasonal Vinyasa Winter

Seasonal Vinyasa Winter 2

Seasonal Vinyasa Late Winter

Mini-Flow for Winter

Spring Seasonal Vinyasa Yin at Kalani, HI

Spring Vinyasa Flow at Kalani, HI

Seasonal Vinyasa Spring

Seasonal Vinyasa Spring 2

Spring Yin

Spring Vinyasa May

Seasonal Vinyasa Fall at Haramara, Mexico

Kalani Frog Meditation


YouTube videos:

Seasonal Vinyasa Yoga- Spring Flow with Melina Meza, Kalani

Seasonal Vinyasa Yoga- Late Winter with Melina Meza, Seattle WA

Seasonal Vinyasa Yoga- Mini-Flow: Winter with Melina Meza, Seattle WA

Seasonal Vinyasa- Winter 2 with Melina Meza, Seattle WA

Seasonal Vinyasa- Winter 1 with Melina Meza, Seattle WA

Fall Seasonal Vinyasa at Haramara Yoga Retreat

Fall Seasonal Vinyasa at Breitenbush Hotsprings

Restorative Seasonal Vinyasa, Fall