Yoga for the Seasons–Fall Vinyasa

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Inspired by the wisdom traditions of Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda, Yoga for the Seasons, Fall Vinyasa, will help you prepare your body and mind for the Fall season.

Our practice opens with a reflection of the bandhas, which will help your mind relax. We’ll then go through energy-stabilizing asana sequences that will help you maintain flexibility as well as stability. A foundational vinyasa tutorial will teach you core alignment principles. We’ll close with an agni-stoking practice, intended to help you maintain your inner fire to prevent the typical seasonal imbalances associated with Fall.

As you tune into the seasonal changes, your intuition will wake up and appreciate the unique gifts that reveal themselves to you with the cyclical unfolding of time.

Inside this DVD

Introduction- (Music by Jon Swift)
Bandhas- (Music by Josh Brill)
Vinyasa Tutorial- (Music by Jon Swift)
Fall Sequence- (Music by John de Kadt)
Agni-Stoking practice- (Music by Steve Gold)
DVD Trailer- (Music by Jon Swift)
Credits- (Music by Steve Gold)

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#Yoga Journal Review

“Melina Meza, co-director of the teacher training program at Seattle’s 8 Limbs Yoga Centers, has what I consider to be the three important “I” qualities: She is intelligent, insightful, and inspiring. The premise behind her DVD series, Yoga for the Seasons, is that the content and pacing of our daily yoga practice should be tailored to the energetic quality of the time of year.

This DVD presents her full practice: an 8-minute instruction on engaging the bandhas; a 4-minute tutorial that shows the basics of foot placement, pose form and self adjustments; a 45-minute vinyasa sequence; and a 9-minute agni (sacred fire) practice, which is essentially and abdominal-strengthening sequence.

Well conceived and well executed as this sequence is, I’m not convinced it would be any less beneficial if practiced in winter, spring, or summer. Except for the agni practice, which will give many students a run for their money, this sequence is recommended for all moderately experienced students…no matter what the season.”

-Richard Rosen, Yoga Journal review


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