Yogi Cleanse and Renewal

It’s that time of year again, a time when most Americans begin to reflect on the year past and declare new resolutions that will improve their health, help them lose weight, motivate them to sign up for a gym membership, Read more »

Asana and Modifications

Over the past, I’ve grown quite fond of using the wall, chairs, blocks, bolsters, straps, and blankets to establish a better understanding of the word asana. Like all Sanksrit words, asana (stable seat) has more than one meaning and in Read more »

Things to Know About Your Liver – Part 2

In last month’s blog, Things to Know About Your Liver, I focused on the organ’s role in daily detoxification and what types of foods and lifestyle practices are recommended for optimal liver health. This month I’ll highlight the liver’s metabolic Read more »

Things to Know About Your Liver

The liver is the second largest organ in the body (your skin is the largest) and arguably the most popular one mentioned in yoga studios, health magazines, and wellness centers throughout the spring and summer season. Considering your liver is Read more »

Edible Education 2014

The latest Edible Education Series has started here at UC Berkeley and is available for your viewing on YouTube. Every other Monday, 500 students and 200 community members are gathering to discuss important issues with experts in the field of Read more »

Kitchen Medicine for the Winter

If, after the holidays, you want to do a little detox, lighten up, shed a few pounds save a few dollars, and begin the New Year with a healthy diet, I would suggest starting the year with a one-to three-day Read more »

The 3 Pillars of Life – Part 3

Over the last few months I have been exploring the theme of the 3 Pillars—right diet, sleep, and brahmacharya—in my classes and personal practice to help ease into this new fall season with a stronger commitment to my self-care and Read more »

The Pillars of Life – Part 2

There are three supports (pillars) of life. They are food, sleep and observance of brahmacharya. Being supported by these the body is endowed with strength, complexion and growth and this continues up till the full span of life provided a Read more »

The 3 Pillars of Life – Part 1

The 3 Pillars of Life – Part 1

Once upon a time, the wandering sadhus roamed throughout the rugged Himalayan Mountains spreading the seeds of Ayurveda as a science to promote longevity and improve health to people living in rural communities. Read more »

Stay Cool And Be Cool This Summer

Summer is nature’s time to ripen and mature, create and destroy, metabolize and transform food into calories, and turn heat into action. Include some of these basic Pitta-reducing steps in your summer routine to help you stay cool and be Read more »